Our goal is to help moms like you get stuff done, make stuff work,

and not lose your effing mind while doing all the things.

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Battle Hymn of the Multitasking Mom

If you’re a highly-intelligent, driven, ambitious woman, who has things she wants to accomplish in life, but feels like she’s fighting a losing battle with time…if you love your kids more than life itself and would cut anyone who suggested you spend more time away from them, yet sob with relief when you get to shower alone in silence…you’re not alone, and we should be friends.

Woman overwhelmed on laptop thinking about a million things at once as a mom

I’m a Mom…Do I Get to Have Other Goals?

One of the scariest parts about the transition into motherhood (whether you birth, adopt, abduct…whatever) is when you realize you don’t exist anymore. I’m not talking metaphorically. I mean the person that is “you” doesn’t exist anymore. You’re at the park one day and instead of yelling your name someone yells “Natalie’s mom!” and you instinctively turn around. You are no longer just a person, you’re someone’s mother now.

Image of Pinterest on a laptop

How to Install Pinterest for Your Blog

If you’re starting from scratch, Pinterest can seem pretty overwhelming. A simple Google search bombards you with an endless wormhole of terms like pins, repins, smartloops, groups, boards, Tailwind, sponsored pins, and so many other terms that sound like they should be English but really aren’t.

Laptop with the hand of a child on top on

Sharenting: Is It Dangerous To Post Pictures Of My Child Online?

We all want to share our lives with the world. Don’t we all want everyone to love and adore our kids? But, what are the dangers of posting images (and real names) of your children on your blog or social media (also referred to as “sharenting”)? There is a huge community of mom bloggers out there that can creates a sense of safety (everyone is doing it, right?), but that is not always the case.

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