Meet The Mothers

You’re busy. Like crazy busy managing a million-and-one insane roles every single day. You need help (like holding your head so you don’t fall over while reading your child a book kind of support).

Although we can’t physically be there, we CAN send you digital hugs, encourage oreo-shoveling in the cupboard while you try to ignore little fingers under the door, and, of course, provide tips, methods, and tools to keep your sanity (nearly) every single day.


To help moms like you get stuff done, make stuff work, and not lose your effing mind while trying to do all the things.


A world where momming and working aren’t mutually exclusive.  Oh, and at least 4 hours of consecutive sleep.  That would be really great too.


  • Better, more effective planning, organization and execution
  • Business and blogging strategies, tools, and knowledge
  • Acknowledging that there are only 24 hours in the day

This blog was born when three mom bloggers locked eyes across a crowded Facebook group and realized that trying to get stuff done while momming was way easier as a team sport.

Once upon a time there were three stressed-out women.  Each of them was a mom, a business owner, a blogger, and a serious risk of falling asleep while sitting upright at the dinner table.

What started as a business relationship quickly progressed to a dysfunctionally-therapeutic, three-way friendship based on the common ground of loving their kids more than they ever thought possible, yet occasionally hiding in the back of their closets with a laptop so they could get a freaking moment to answer an important email.

With more than a dozen combined blogs, LLCs, or other business ventures, these moms know a thing or two about multitasking.  They’ll tell you all about it as soon as they finish brushing together a last minute pony tail, explaining why cows can’t walk on water, and/or putting away that box of legos for the fifteenth time today.

Welcome to our dysfunctional tribe,

Elizabeth, Crystal, and Kristine

The Mothers

Liz uses her PhD in Business Psychology as an author, blogger, and co-owner of four different companies.  She specializes in goal setting, project management, and productivity strategies.

During the day, Liz juggles a baby boy (and raccoon noise impersonator), a sparkle-clad toddlernado, a teenage stepdaughter, 200+ pounds of dog (spread between two fuzzy bodies), a rabbit of unusual size, and a serious Chick-fil-a addiction.  Alongside her very patient husband, she hopes to someday read multiple pages of a book in one sitting.
Crystal is an interior designer, blogger & writer, foster & adoptive mom, wife, worship leader and lifelong learner. She runs her interior design company from home while homeschooling her preschooler and trying to keep up with the laundry.

Her experience and education in design, project management, early childhood development and business marketing mean she is living proof that you actually do use all that stuff you learn in school. She holds several professional certifications and if her online habits are any indication, she is pursuing a master’s in Amazon Prime.

Her current top 3 favorite things include audiobooks, warmish coffee, and five minutes to think.
Kristine is a snarky, sarcastic mama specializing in blogging without all the crap. With a background in project management, she treats all aspects of life like a project to get stuff done in less time…a tall order for a mom of two young, energetic boys who will one day take over the world.

When not working (usually in her car), she attempts to master patience and resolve in all the things life throws at her, including 7 moves in 10 years (2 out of state) and the drive to be an entrepreneur surrounded by cheerios and sticky fingerprints.

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